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About us 

The Land

Population: 1.8 million 

Capital: Banjul 

Business language: English 

Tribal languages: Mandinka, Fula, Wollof, Jola, Serer, Serahule 

Religions: 90% Muslim, 10% Christian 

Life expectancy: men 51 years, women 55 years 

Monetary unit: 1 dalasi = 100 butut 

Main export: peanuts, fish, cotton and palm kernels 

Average annual income: approx. 350, - Euro 

3 independent daily newspapers 

3 TV stations (1 public / 2 private) 

4 radio stations (1 public / 3 private) determine the media landscape in Gambia.

The Gambia stretches 400 km north and south of the Gambia River 400 km inland and is enclosed in the north and south by Senegal. Its total area is 11,295 km. Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa. Only 50% of men and 25% of women have attended school. In addition to the expansion of the education system, Gambia's biggest problem is medical care for the population. The life of the majority of the population is very hard and arduous. She lives in small houses, which are not connected to the electricity or water supply, especially in rural areas. In Gambia President Adama Barrow rules. He was elected in December 1, 2016 as the first president democratically at the ballot boxes (counting on the spot).

Cost of living in Gambia 

Maybe it's interesting for some of you to know about the cost of living in Gambia: