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We want to build a feeless preschool and primary school which the poorest children of our region can visit as well because many kids can’t go to school due to financial reasons. Especially the preschool is important for the social development and the alphabetisation. Due to a good formal education the children and teenagers are having the chance to get out of the poverty, to learn a job and to provide for their families in the future.

We already started to build the house for the security guard. Therewith the first foundation stones has been laid. To realise our wish for the school we need your support here too. Every cent counts!

Please use for donations the reference: School 

The school is our project on which we are working but we are as well are supporting other building projects if there is a need or emergency, for example the mosque in Kuloro. Here you can read a report about the situation in that village: 

Or about the Madrassa of Omar Jammeh:

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