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The project has the aim to facilitate the possibility of training opportunities for high-school graduates and other people who finished school. In our daily life we experience weekly that young people are coming to our office and ask whether we can pay their education as a craftsman or in the business management. Without this education they will sooner or later take the decision to leave the country towards the desert. By getting a training qualification they are in the new situation that they can care for their families themselves without depending on outside help. This independency is bringing back automatically their self-confidence.  

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In the beginning it just has been an idea. Meanwhile it became real by your generous support. Our sewing-workshop. What has started sluggishly with 12 students has now become the daily life and a meaningful task for 24 young people.

Our aim is to train the young people as tailors so that they can care for themselves with this profession. In the long term it’s conceivable to start the export to other countries if there is the corresponding demand. At the moment your support is necessary to run the sewing-school. We need financial support to pay the school’s teacher and to buy fabrics and other materials. Furthermore we need more sewing machines or fabrics that you may have to spare at home.

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We are not just caring for the education and studies of the poor, we also want to set the basic for education at an early stage. In Gambia there are still a lot of kids who cannot visit the preschool or the primary school due to financial reasons. In the preschool the alphabetization takes place. We want to build a feeless preschool with primary school for the poorest kids of our region. Information about this project you can find on the page “building” as well as on our blog.   

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