Help the poor and needy e.V.

Family Support

The name “family support” is including a couple of different projects. Some of them we want to introduce to you:


Childless widows or widows with small children are often the weakest of the society. With our rice project we can at least guarantee one of the basic foods.

To support a widow with one bag of rice we need 25€ each month. We are very thankful when we find donators who are willing to support a widow for the longer term.  

If you are interested in supporting a widow with rice then send a short email to us at

Further information you can find on our blog:

Who would like to donate for the widows but can’t pay the whole 25€ each month can as well donate another amount of money. The widows are happy about any amount. We are using this money for example for charity feedings. We will always keep you informed about our activities on our blog.

For donations please use the reference: widow support 

Emergency aid / Disaster management

In the case of an emergency we as well try to support the poor in Gambia best possible. Two examples for these emergencies are damages caused by rain in the rainy season or by fire.  Detailed reports you can find here:

Rainy season:

Fire damages:

Tragic stories which came to a good end by your support. Unfortunately cases like this occur again and again in Gambia. It would be an immense relief if we had a small fond with which we can help quickly.

For donations please use the reference: Emergency aid 



Charity-food has to do with donated foods which we are distributing for certain occasions which are for example

- Ramadan where we give food in iftar packages

- Charity feedings where we distribute food to needy people

- Eid al-Adhah where we distribute the meat of slaughtered muttons

- Aqiqa-muttons for the birth of a child

For many needy people these occasions are a highlight and often the only time in the year where they eat a piece of meat. Therefore the pleasure is twice. You can find a report for example here:

In the time before Ramadan or Eid al-Adhah we are informing you about the content of the packages and the current prices. Who is interested in donating for an aqiqa-motton or for charity feedings can contact us at  

These are just three examples for family support. Our work is including further sections for example donations of clothing, mattresses, nursing aids and much more. For every cent with which you are supporting us we are very thankful.