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Diseases that no one knows. At least no one in Germany. Maybe one or two have heard of them but definitely not in the extend they are appearing here. These are for example diseases like elephantiasis, hydrocephalus or struma. If you get one of these diseases in Gambia you will have a problem because they aren’t curable in Gambia. When you are lucky and have some money you can seek for a treatment in Senegal. Another possibility is that an association can bring a specialist from Europe to Gambia for the treatment. In all other cases you have to bear your fate.  

We really aim to change this situation but it isn’t easy.

Not just these severe illnesses but also the “smaller” ones can become a major challenge. This is why we are always thankful when you are collecting unexpired medicaments for us. On our blog we inform you about further possibilities of support:  

For donations please use the reference: 

Especially in the health section we urgently need your support. We tried many things to find doctors who could help us concerning the elephantiasis and who may are willing to come to Gambia. If we had been a big association or a rich company it may would be easier to find someone because then we could guarantee to bear all costs. But this we can’t because all the donated money is used 100% for the projects. For all costs that arise we would start a charity appeal of course but to do this we need to know before which costs we have to expect. Any support in the health section is welcome because Gambia is short of medical know-how and medical aids.  

Who can imagine to help us is welcome to contact us via as well or via Facebook or Twitter.