Help the poor and needy e.V.






 Our society is acting in four different sectors: 


You can find information for each sector in our blog: 



Administration costs

We are leading the society “Help the poor and the needy e.V.” for more than 20 years now. Due to great sponsors we were able to help the poorest of the poor, to support people in emergencies, to facilitate education for a sustainable stabilisation of the families, to support widows and much more.

As stated elsewhere 100% of your donations are used for the projects. To ensure this in the future too we need „open donations“ what means donations which aren’t for a specific project.

Please send donations and standing orders for this with the reference “open donation” 

Ebay for Charity

Since a short time ago we have an account of Ebay for Charity to collect donations for our projects in this way too. Just take a look: 

Ebay Listing

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