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 assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh



We founded this association in 1998 with friends from Syria, Holland, Turkey, Germany and Gambia to alleviate the greatest hardship and poverty of the people of Gambia and to give them renewed hope for a life worth living. Our approach is help to help people help themselves, even if this is not always possible, because the life situations are so hopeless that only disaster management can be carried out. 


The association is registered in both Germany and Gambia (NGOs) and is allowed to issue donation receipts. To save costs, work on the ground is done on a voluntary basis by board members. The planning of the projects is done by the members of the association in Germany, but the selection of spontaneous assistance, the negotiations on site with the boat builders, architects etc, the organisation, the accounting and the public relations work are Implemented alone. Our whole heart is in the club and its destiny. That is why we are trying to alleviate the suffering of local people with larger and smaller projects and to give them long-term prospects. 




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